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Cytonic Final Proofread 100%
Wax & Wayne Book 4 (Mistborn 7) Draft 2.0 100%
Skyward Four Pre Writing 90%
Evershore (Skyward Novella 3) Final Draft 100%

Writing Excuses Video + Updates

Writing Excuses Video + Updates This week’s Writing Excuses podcast episode covers film considerations, and Mary Robinette Kowal and Dave Wolverton/David Farland join Dan and Howard to discuss the topic. Appropriately, this episode was also filmed by Moses Siregar III of Adventures in Sci-Fi Publishing, and the video is up on YouTube. The most recent…

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Annotation Warbreaker Chapter Forty

Annotation Warbreaker Chapter Forty Siri Bullies Treledees Treledees, by the way, used to be called Tridees. My editor didn’t like the name, so I swapped it. I wanted a good, strong scene where we could see that Siri made the decision to keep her hair in check. Again, I’m moving her and Vivenna into different…

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For Your Nomination Consideration + Worldcon Deadline

For Your Nomination Consideration + Worldcon Deadline Hugo Award nomination season began this month, so I thought I’d let you know what categories my works are eligible in. If you don’t know what the Hugo Awards are or how nominating and voting works, I also talk about that below. If you want to nominate, the…

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Annotation Warbreaker Chapter Thirty-Nine

Annotation Warbreaker Chapter Thirty-Nine Vivenna Begs This chapter and the next one were originally a single chapter. In the drafting process, I realized that my original chapter just wouldn’t do. I’d been in a hurry to get on with Vivenna’s viewpoint, and I had been worried about spending a lot of time on the streets…

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Updates + Tweets January 17-20

Updates + Tweets January 17-20 This week’s episode of Writing Excuses is one of those that was recorded during the Superstars Writing Seminar, and it’s on alternate history. I was doing a panel at the time, but Eric Flint and Mary Robinette Kowal were there with Howard and Dan to shed light on the topic.…

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Updates + Tweets January 10-17

Updates + Tweets January 10-17 In this week’s Writing Excuses podcast episode, Dan, Howard, and I go over more dialogue writing exercises. By the way, we recorded seven great episodes at this past weekend’s Superstars Writing Seminar, with guests Sherrilyn Kenyon, Kevin J. Anderson, Eric Flint, David Farland, and Mary Robinette Kowal, so you have…

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Annotation Warbreaker Chapter Thirty-Seven

Annotation Warbreaker Chapter Thirty-Seven Vivenna Wanders, Then Is Confronted by a Thief Who Takes Her Dress The next few Vivenna chapters are short. I wanted to convey that she’s on the streets for a time, but didn’t want us to have to wallow in her problems. I’ve seen books do that quite well, and I…

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Updates, Q&A, and Tweets January 6-10

Updates, Q&A, and Tweets January 6-10 In this week’s Writing Excuses episode, we talk about fulfilling promises to your readers, and we give specific examples from our own stories and others’. The most recent WARBREAKER annotation covers Vivenna’s character arc hitting rock bottom. I also talk about how to give your Breath away one…

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Wrapping Up My Time Off

Wrapping Up My Time Off As I stated in a blog post in the early fall, I took the months of September–December inclusive off from major projects. I do this to give myself some breathing room creatively and work on projects I don’t have a contract for. I also like to do writing exercises, try…

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