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Cytonic Final Proofread 100%
Wax & Wayne Book 4 (Mistborn 7) Draft 2.0 100%
Skyward Four Draft 1.0 100%
Evershore (Skyward Novella 3) Final Draft 100%

Warbreaker Chapter Fifty

Warbreaker Chapter Fifty “And so we each have twenty thousand,” Blushweaver said, walking beside Lightsong on the stone pathway that led in a circle around the arena. “Yes,” Lightsong said. Their priests, attendants, and servant s followed in a holy herd, though the two gods had refused palanquin or parasol. They walked alone, side by…

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Warbreaker Chapter Forty-Nine

Warbreaker Chapter Forty-Nine Vasher found her practicing again. He hovered outside the window, lowered down from the roof via an Awak ened rope which gripped him about the waist. Inside, Vivenna repeatedly Awakened a strip of cloth, unaware of Vasher. She Commanded the cloth to wiggle across the room, wrap around a cup, then bring…

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Warbreaker Chapter Forty-Eight

Warbreaker Chapter Forty-Eight Susebron didn’t leave in the mornings anymore. Siri lay in the bed beside him, curled slightly, her skin against his. He slept peacefully, chest going up and down, the white bed sheets throwing out prismatic colors around him as they inevitably reacted to his presence. A few months back, who could have…

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Warbreaker Chapter Forty-Seven

Warbreaker Chapter Forty-Seven Lightsong tried not to think about his dreams. He tried not to think about T’Telir in flames. Of people dying. Of the world, essentially, ending. He stood on the second story of his palace, looking over the Court of Gods. The second story was essentially a covered roof, open on all sides.…

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Warbreaker Chapter Forty-Six

Warbreaker Chapter Forty-Six Vivenna choked down her meal. The dried meat tasted strongly of fish, but she had learned that by breathing through her mouth, she could ignore much of the flavor. She ate every bite, then washed the taste away with a few mouthfuls of warm boiled water. She was alone in the room.…

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Warbreaker Chapter Forty-Five

Warbreaker Chapter Forty-Five That night, Lightsong dreamed of T’Telir burning. Of the God King dead and of soldiers in the streets. Of Lifeless killing people in colorful clothing. And of a black sword. Read the annotation.

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Warbreaker Chapter Forty-Four

Warbreaker Chapter Forty-Four Siri watched Susebron with affection as he ate a third dessert. Their night’s meal lay spread out on the table and floor, some dishes completely devoured, others barely tasted. That first night when Susebron had ordered a meal had started a tradition. Now they ordered food every night—though only after Siri did…

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Warbreaker Chapter Forty-Three

Warbreaker Chapter Forty-Three Vivenna awoke, sick, tired, thirsty, starving. But alive. She opened her eyes, feeling a strange sensation. Comfort. She was in a comfortable soft bed. She sat up immediately; her head spun. “I’d be careful,” a voice said. “Your body is weak.” She blinked fuzzy eyes, focusing on a figure sitting at a…

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Warbreaker Chapter Forty-Two

Warbreaker Chapter Forty-Two “Her Grace is not interested in seeing you,” the priestess said, maintaining a reverent posture. “Well I’m not interested in her uninterest,” Lightsong said. “Perhaps you should ask her again, just to be sure.” The priestess bowed her head. “My pardons, Your Grace, but I have already asked fourteen times. Goddess Allmother…

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Warbreaker Chapter Forty-One

Warbreaker Chapter Forty-One Vivenna presented her coin. “One bit?” Cads asked. “That’s all? One single bit?” He was among the dirtiest men she’d met, even in the streets. He liked fancy clothing, though. It was his style—worn and dirty clothing in the latest designs. He seemed to think it was funny. A mockery of the highborn. He…

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