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Rhythm of War (Stormlight 4) final proofread 100%
Dawnshard Novella Final Draft 100%
Skyward 3 100%
Skyward 3 Draft 3.0 100%

Annotation Warbreaker Chapter Forty

Annotation Warbreaker Chapter Forty Siri Bullies Treledees Treledees, by the way, used to be called Tridees. My editor didn’t like the name, so I swapped it. I wanted a good, strong scene where we could see that Siri made the decision to keep her hair in check. Again, I’m moving her and Vivenna into different…

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Annotation Warbreaker Chapter Thirty-Nine

Annotation Warbreaker Chapter Thirty-Nine Vivenna Begs This chapter and the next one were originally a single chapter. In the drafting process, I realized that my original chapter just wouldn’t do. I’d been in a hurry to get on with Vivenna’s viewpoint, and I had been worried about spending a lot of time on the streets…

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Annotation Warbreaker Chapter Thirty-Seven

Annotation Warbreaker Chapter Thirty-Seven Vivenna Wanders, Then Is Confronted by a Thief Who Takes Her Dress The next few Vivenna chapters are short. I wanted to convey that she’s on the streets for a time, but didn’t want us to have to wallow in her problems. I’ve seen books do that quite well, and I…

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Annotation Warbreaker Chapter Thirty-Five

Annotation Warbreaker Chapter Thirty-Five Vivenna Awakes, Bound by Vasher This chapter—with what happens in the latter part of it—is the most dangerous in the book. Dangerous to me as an author, I mean. I love good plot twists, but I worry about leaving them without proper foreshadowing. I’ve never done something as drastic as I…

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Annotation Warbreaker Chapter Thirty-Three

Annotation Warbreaker Chapter Thirty-Three Vivenna and the Mercenaries Wait in the Safe House after the Lifeless Attack on the Slumlords Why does Jewels bother sewing up Clod? Why fix Lifeless at all? Denth’s answer is a fairly good one, but it could use some more explanation. You see, when one makes a Lifeless, the reason…

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Annotation Warbreaker Chapter Thirty-Two

Annotation Warbreaker Chapter Thirty-Two Siri Lies in Bed and Decides to Take Charge Reading through this scene again, I feel like it needs a bit of a trim. Ah well. There are always going to be sections like that that make it through. I felt that there needed to be a scene where Siri finally…

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Annotation Warbreaker Chapter Thirty One

Annotation Warbreaker Chapter Thirty One Similarities Between Warbreaker and Elantris And finally, we arrive at my personal favorite character in the book. Lightsong the Bold, the god who doesn’t believe in his own religion. I had the idea for Lightsong a number of years ago. My first book, Elantris, dealt with the concept of men…

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