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Annotation Warbreaker Chapter Twenty

Annotation Warbreaker Chapter Twenty Bluefingers Warns Siri Outside the God King’s Chamber I’ll admit that many of Siri’s thoughts here are complaints I myself have. She wonders why Bluefingers had to be so cryptic. It’s a weak literary device, in my opinion, always having people with knowledge tease with it but never give the full…

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Annotation Warbreaker Chapter Eighteen

Annotation Warbreaker Chapter Eighteen Siri Decides to Spite the Priests, Then Reverses That Decision This chapter involves a bit of a backslide for both Siri and Lightsong. It was important to establish that they, as characters, are still the same people that you started reading the book about—even if both of them are being forced…

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Annotation Warbreaker Chapter Seventeen

Annotation Warbreaker Chapter Seventeen Vivenna Returns to a Ransacked Home I’m a little annoyed at myself that it took so long to introduce Jewels. Here we are in chapter seventeen and she still hasn’t shown up. She barely gets a mention here. Unfortunately, I knew that her arrival would present problems for Vivenna, so I…

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Annotation Warbreaker Chapter Sixteen

Annotation Warbreaker Chapter Sixteen Lightsong Listens to the Priests Discuss War Is this an antiwar novel? I’m not sure, honestly. I didn’t sit down to write one, certainly. I rarely try to interject messages into my books, though sometimes they worm their way in. (The Alcatraz books are particularly bad about this.) A war here…

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Annotation Warbreaker Chapter Fifteen Part 2

Annotation Warbreaker Chapter Fifteen Part 2 Vivenna Sees Vasher I’m sorry that we don’t get to see Vasher as much as you all want. I considered adding more chapters in. I considered it several times during several rewrites. In the end, I just decided that his viewpoints had to remain as they were in the…

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Annotation Warbreaker Chapter Fifteen

Annotation Warbreaker Chapter Fifteen Siri Sees the God King I think this is my favorite plotline of the book. The Siri/God King one, I mean. It’s hard to choose, but this is the one that I felt most interested in. (Though Lightsong’s ending chapters are powerful too.) I wanted the God King to be an…

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Annotation Warbreaker Chapter Fourteen Part 2

Annotation Warbreaker Chapter Fourteen Part 2 Vivenna Enters the Court Color harmonics are one of the things in this book that, I think, have some very interesting philosophical implications. I’ve always been fascinated by the concept of perfect pitch. Pitches and tones are an absolute; music isn’t just something we humans devise and construct out…

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Annotation Warbreaker Chapter Fourteen

Annotation Warbreaker Chapter Fourteen Lightsong and Blushweaver This is another of the scenes I revised heavily to make the conversation between Lightsong and Blushweaver more snappy. I work very hard in the beginning of the book to establish their personalities and their dialogue, and so the first few chapters were revised more heavily than the…

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