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Stormlight 4 & 5 Outlining 100%
Starsight Release 100%
Stormlight 4 Rough Draft 100%
Stormlight 4 Draft 2.0 75%

Alcatraz 3 Chapter One

Alcatraz 3 Chapter One So, there I was, hanging upside down underneath a gigantic glass bird, speeding along at a hundred miles an hour above the ocean, in no danger whatsoever. That’s right. I wasn’t in any danger. I was more safe at that moment than I’d ever been in my entire life, despite a…

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Alcatraz 3 Author’s Foreword

Alcatraz 3 Author’s Foreword I am awesome. No, really. I’m the most amazing person you’ve ever read about. Or that you ever will read about. There’s nobody like me out there. I’m Alcatraz Smedry, the unbelievably incredible. If you’ve read the previous two volumes of my autobiography (and I hope that you have, for if you haven’t,…

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Alcatraz 2 Chapter Two

Alcatraz 2 Chapter Two This is the second book of the series. Those of you who have read the first book can skip this introduction and move on. The rest of you, stay put. I’d like to congratulate you on finding this book. I’m glad you’re reading a serious work about real world politics, rather…

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Alcatraz 2 Chapter One

Alcatraz 2 Chapter One So, there I was, slumped in my chair, waiting in a drab airport terminal, munching absently on a bag of stale potato chips. Not the beginning you expected, is it? You likely thought that I would start this book with something exciting. A scene involving evil Librarians, perhaps—something with altars, Alivened,…

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Alcatraz 2 Author’s Foreword

Alcatraz 2 Author’s Foreword I am a liar. I realize that you may not believe this. In fact, hope that you don’t. Not only would that make the statement particularly ironic, but it means you have very far to fall. You see, I know that you Free Kingdomers have heard stories about me. Perhaps you’ve…

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Alcatraz Chapter Two

Alcatraz Chapter Two Now, you’re probably wondering about the beginning of the previous chapter, with its reference to evil Librarians, altars made from encyclopedias, and its general feeling of “Oh, No! Alcatraz is going to be sacrificed!” Before we get to this, let me explain something about myself. I’ve been many things in my life.…

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Alcatraz Chapter One

Alcatraz Chapter One So, there I was, tied to an altar made from outdated encyclopedias, about to get sacrificed to the dark powers by a cult of evil Librarians. As you might imagine, that sort of situation can be quite disturbing. It does funny things to the brain to be in such danger—in fact, it…

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Alcatraz Author’s Foreword

Alcatraz Author’s Foreword Author’s Foreword Note: The following is a sample chapter from Brandon’s middle-grade novel Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians which was published by Scholastic Press in October of 2007. You can read more about where Alcatraz came from right here. Enjoy! I am not a good person. Oh, I know what the stories say about me.…

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