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One week left! Spoiler-free reviews of WORDS OF RADIANCE

One week left! Spoiler-free reviews of WORDS OF RADIANCE Words of Radiance comes out in one week. Here are some early non-spoiler reviews: Alice at, Carl at, Eric & Josh at 17thShard. On Saturday I went up to Weller Book Works and signed 500 copies of Words of Radiance. So if you ordered from them, it’s in the process of…

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New Stormlight merch and A Memory of Light hardcovers in the store

New Stormlight merch and A Memory of Light hardcovers in the store Hello everyone! This is Kara, the manager of Brandon’s online store. With the upcoming release of Words of Radiance, we’ve added some awesome new products, and I’m pretty excited about them. T-Shirts You might remember our Bridge Four and Stormlight Archive shirts from the days of…

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Last-Minute Holiday Items

Last-Minute Holiday Items It’s too late to have things shipped in time for Christmas from the store, but you can send gift certificates. These are sent by email to whoever you want to receive one, and you can buy them here. The Sugarhouse Barnes & Noble has signed copies of The Rithmatist, Steelheart, The Way of Kings, and all three of my Wheel…

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2013 Holiday Sales

2013 Holiday Sales My store manager Kara has set up some sales in the Brandon Sanderson store that I’ll tell you about below. But first I want to mention that the Steelheart ebook is $2.49 today in the US on Amazon and the Google Play store. The Way of Kings is also on sale at $2.99 in the US across all ebook vendors; for links…

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New York Event Video + Updates

New York Event Video + Updates Did you know you can get this cool Allomantic Table Medallion and other jewelry in my store? There are also books signed & personalized by me (including hardcovers of The Emperor’s Soul and this year’s “Firstborn”/”Defending Elysium” combo), T-shirts, Feruchemical Table prints, and Allomantic symbol decals. If you’re interested in giving any of those things as a gift this holiday…

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Ebooks on sale, Writing Excuses, Goodreads & Updates

Ebooks on sale, Writing Excuses, Goodreads & Updates As of this writing, Steelheart is still on sale for $4.79 on the US Kindle store, Nook, and Google Play. Additionally, The Way of Kings is on sale for $1.99 on the US Kindle store and the iBookstore. As these are sales that the individual stores are putting on rather than the publisher, they’re not something…

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Hugo Awards!

Hugo Awards! Everyone, I come to you today deeply humbled and appreciative. Over the weekend at Worldcon in San Antonio, I was honored with not one, but two Hugo awards. Though I’m thrilled to have Writing Excuses finally win after several years of losses, I’m beyond flattered to have been given a fiction award in…

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Utah events this week + Updates

Utah events this week + Updates Writing Excuses has two new episodes this week due to a goof on our part. We had planned to hold Mary’s brainstorming episode back until the spring, but we forgot that there was a direct followup episode. The followup got released first and people were confused, so we’ve gone…

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Fan Art, Shirts, NaNoWriMo

Fan Art, Shirts, NaNoWriMo InkWing, which does Mistborn and Stormlight Archive shirts, has a new blog post announcing Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, as well as a limited edition Windrunner pin. Plus they have a contest for a free T-shirt. Check it out. This week’s Writing Excuses podcast episode talks about raising the stakes—putting things at risk…

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