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Many writers ask me for advice, so I’ve created this page of resources to help you achieve your writing goals.

Brandon Sanderson’s University Lectures on Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy

I’ll be posting videos of my latest university lectures over the next several weeks as post-production gets finished up. Special thanks to Earl Cahill and his assistants, who filmed and tirelessly edited these. For more information, you can read my blog post on how they came about. Below is a link to the playlist. We’ll be adding it to it at the rate of about one per week until the whole set of lectures are posted.

2016 Brandon Sanderson BYU Lectures Playlist

To access the the full 2014 lectures filmed by BYU AV Productions and Shawn Davis in an arrangement with the BYU English Department, check out this playlist: Brandon Sanderson’s BYU Writing Lectures Playlist

Writing Excuses Online Radio Program

Writing Excuses: Just click play for 15-minutes of writing advice every week.

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Sanderson’s Laws of Magic

The First Law
The Second Law
The Third Law

Nanowrimo Pep Talks

2014 Pep Talk
2011 Pep Talk


Skyward Outline
Skyward Failed Attempt One
Skyward Failed Attempt Two