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Cytonic Final Proofread 100%
Wax & Wayne Book 4 (Mistborn 7) Draft 2.0 100%
Skyward Four Pre Writing 90%
Evershore (Skyward Novella 3) Final Draft 100%


Huzzah! Well, folks, I can safely say that I know ONE reason why the book has been so tough to find for some people. We got numbers for last week today, and they look pretty darn good. Bookscan (the Nielsen ratings for books) lists MISTBORN: WELL OF ASCENSION as the #3 hardback fantasy of the…

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It’s Out! + Amphigory

It’s Out! + Amphigory Mistborn: The Well of Ascension is out! We’re really keeping our fingers crossed for first week sales on this one, so if you’ve been waiting for it to come out, you should be happy to know that it’s on shelves pretty much everywhere! Some people have even been noting on my…

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Mistborn Deleted Scene #7

Mistborn Deleted Scene #7 This scene comes from the one where Breeze and Vin visit the skaa soup kitchen to help with the recruitment efforts. As I’ve mentioned in the annotations, a major shift in drafting was to make Kelsier more interested in the army and less focused on the “heist” of stealing from the…

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Mistborn Deleted Scene #6

Mistborn Deleted Scene #6 Since we had such a long outage last week, I figured I’d throw up another of these to make up for it. See how much I love you! One of the pivotal places I changed the book during drafting, as has been discussed in the annotations, was during the scene where…

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Mistborn Deleted Scene #5

Mistborn Deleted Scene #5 As requested, today I’ll post some more deleted scenes from Mistborn: The Final Empire. We’re getting into areas that include mild spoilers from the first quarter of the book, so if you haven’t read the novel, I suggest doing that first. Conveniently, it came out in paperback last week! (Note that Amazon still has hardcovers for…

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Update From the Desert + Chapter

Update From the Desert + Chapter I’m still down here in Southern Utah, but the hotel has interment access, so I figured it was time to get off my duff and post something. (Well, actually, I’m still sitting on my duff as I post, but you get the idea.) I don’t know if I mentioned,…

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