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Songs of the Dead Revision 100%
Rhythm of War (Stormlight 4) final proofread 100%
Dawnshard Novella Final Draft 100%
Skyward 3 50%

One week left! Spoiler-free reviews of WORDS OF RADIANCE

One week left! Spoiler-free reviews of WORDS OF RADIANCE Words of Radiance comes out in one week. Here are some early non-spoiler reviews: Alice at Tor.com, Carl at Tor.com, Eric & Josh at 17thShard. On Saturday I went up to Weller Book Works and signed 500 copies of Words of Radiance. So if you ordered from them, it’s in the process of…

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New Stormlight merch and A Memory of Light hardcovers in the store

New Stormlight merch and A Memory of Light hardcovers in the store Hello everyone! This is Kara, the manager of Brandon’s online store. With the upcoming release of Words of Radiance, we’ve added some awesome new products, and I’m pretty excited about them. T-Shirts You might remember our Bridge Four and Stormlight Archive shirts from the days of InkWing.com.…

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Mistborn Film Rights

Mistborn Film Rights As many of you know, a Mistborn film has been in the development stages for several years now. The producers, Paloppa Pictures, were wonderful to partner with and worked very hard to bring a Mistborn vision to the big screen. However, their rights have just lapsed. They’re still interested in the project, but we’re in this…

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Writing Class Videos & Updates

Writing Class Videos & Updates First some updates on Words of Radiance, which comes out in less than two weeks. It’s almost here! Tor.com has posted what it was like to be a beta reader (note: I’m not currently looking for additional beta readers) and spoiler-free reactions to the book, and they’re mailing out daily context-free snippets. You can see…

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Words of Radiance Sample Chapters

Words of Radiance Sample Chapters Currently the Words of Radiance sample chapters are hosted on Tor.com. Prologue, chapter 1, chapter 2 Chapter 3, chapter 4, chapter 5 Chapter 6, chapter 8, chapter 9 Chapter 10, chapter 12, chapter 14, interlude 1 Interlude 9

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I’m the toastmaster at LTUE this weekend

I’m the toastmaster at LTUE this weekend LTUE starts tomorrow (Thursday) in Provo, with guest of honor Orson Scott Card, and I’ll be playing in the Magic tournament on Thursday night. I’ll also be on a couple of panels on Friday and Saturday, and I’ll do a reading and signing Saturday afternoon. Saturday evening I’ll…

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WORDS OF RADIANCE Release Events This is going to be a long post. If you want to know how to get numbered copies of Words of Radiance, scroll down to the general release events info, the info on the BYU signing, on the San Diego signing, or on the Weller Book Works signing-by-mail (now sold out—see below for more info). Item…

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