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Songs of the Dead Revision 100%
Rhythm of War (Stormlight 4) final proofread 100%
Dawnshard Novella Final Draft 100%
Skyward 3 50%

New Writing Excuses episode + Updates

New Writing Excuses episode + Updates In this week’s new Writing Excuses episode, Q&A on Beginnings, we answer some of your questions on the matter. Here are some of the questions: What are there differences between the beginnings in different forms? How do you begin in media res when you’re not writing action? What’s the biggest…

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Signing tonight in Sharjah!

Signing tonight in Sharjah! Tonight I will be doing a signing; details can be found below and on the events page. This will be my last public event for this trip to the UAE and I want to sign your books! As always, if you want email reminders of when I’ll be appearing in a city…

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Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival + Updates

Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival + Updates This afternoon I am heading off to the Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival in the United Arab Emirates. For those of you who are in the vicinity, I look forward to seeing you there! So far I’ve listed a panel on Thursday the 23rd on my events calendar, and I’ll try to add…

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The Rithmatist ebook sale in the UK + Updates

The Rithmatist ebook sale in the UK + Updates Good news for everyone in the UK! The Rithmatist is on sale on Kindle (and may be price-matched at other vendors) until May 4th. I have country-specific links in the tabs here. And for everyone else (including those in the UK), my novella Perfect State came out a couple of weeks…

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New Writing Excuses episode + Updates

New Writing Excuses episode + Updates There is a new Writing Excuses episode this week: How Much of the Beginning Needs to Come First? We all have cool things we want to put in our stories, which means we need what sets it up earlier. In this episode we talk about how to determine which of these elements needs…

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Minicon 50 starts today!

Minicon 50 starts today! Minnesota! I’m in Minneapolis for Minicon starting today, and I’m also signing in St. Paul on Saturday. Here’s my complete schedule. My assistant Peter will also have copies of the Perfect State/Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell hardcover double that you can pick up at the convention for $20.…

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