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MGM options Brandon’s forthcoming novella Snapshot

MGM options Brandon’s forthcoming novella Snapshot Adam here. Yes, you read that right. Snapshot, Brandon’s forthcoming novella, was just optioned by MGM. Broken Road Productions and Entertainment 360 (Office Christmas Party) are to produce. If you’re not familiar with Snapshot, you can find a brief synopsis below. You can use the widget to the right to see preorder…

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Interview with Brandon + Updates

Interview with Brandon + Updates Brandon, while touring in Italy for his European tour last fall, sat down for a few minutes with Isola Illyon –an online publication known in Italy as a central hub for information on fantasy and gaming– to talk about fantasy, and whatever else came to mind. In this week’s new Writing Excuses…

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New Writing Excuses Episode + Updates

New Writing Excuses Episode + Updates In this week’s new Writing Excuses episode, Variations on First Person, Brandon, Mary, Dan, and Howard spend a few minutes on the administrative stuff before jumping into January’s structural topic, the first person voice, with a discussion of the variations in how that POV is presented. We cover some of…

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2017 English 318 Application Wrap-Up

2017 English 318 Application Wrap-Up Hi all, Karen here. I’ve just finished reading and evaluating the applications for Brandon’s English 318R class at BYU. For those of you who don’t know, Brandon teaches a creative writing class each winter semester. The lecture portion of the class (English 321R) is open to as many students as…

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