The Lost Metal T-Shirt Design Contest

The Lost Metal T-Shirt Contest

As you probably learned from the video, we’re trying something new: a t-shirt design contest for our release shirt for The Lost Metal, coming out this November.

As I don’t want to have a prompt that spoils anything from an unreleased book, we’ve decided to make the design prompt more general to the second era of Mistborn. Before submitting your design, please read the Terms and Conditions below. All submissions can be sent to contest(at) Submissions will be open through August 31st, 2022. Any submissions received after 11:59:59 on August 31st, 2022 will not be considered and will be automatically deleted.


Design Prompt

We wanted to be a bit more flexible on this contest than we were for our Alcatraz shirt contest so you can take any one of these prompts and run as wild as you want.

  • Wayne’s Haberdashery
  • Take anything from the books and give us an Art-Deco design
  • An in-world product (you can also make up your own in-world product for Mistborn)


Design Limits

  • No more than 3 colors
  • 4200 x 4800 pixels (minimum 2000 x 2000px)
  • 300 ppi minimum (vector preferred)
  • Transparent .PNG


Winner Selection

Starting on September 1st, 2022, Team Dragonsteel will hold an internal vote to select our top three design submissions at which point the third place winner will be selected. To determine the placement of the top two designs, we will hold a vote on Brandon’s social media channels (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit) beginning on September 6th, 2022, and running through September 9th, 2022.



    • First Place – $1,000 (USD) cash prize plus a $250 (USD) gift card to Dragonsteel Books.
    • Second Place – $750 (USD) cash prize plus a $150 (USD) gift card to Dragonsteel Books.
    • Third Place – $500 (USD) cash prize plus a $100 (USD) gift card to Dragonsteel Books.


Terms & Conditions

By submitting your design (the “Design”) to Dragonsteel, you hereby agree to the following Terms & Conditions:
1. You represent and warrant the following:

1.1. The Design satisfies the following definition of “Allowed Visual Fan Art”:

Visual art (e.g., prints, digital, 3D, sculpture, etc.) that does not include a whole, partial, or substantial copy of any visual art from any Dragonsteel Works (Brandon Sanderson’s books, art, and/or other creative works). To further clarify: copying or substantial copying (even by hand or non-automated means) of any Dragonsteel Works visual art (e.g., print, digital, picture, book cover, poster, map, logo, etc., including but not limited to the Dragonsteel logo, Stormlight glyphs, Mistborn Allomancy symbols, and/or Aons) is never permitted. What is permitted: creation of an original digital or physical print work that illustrates or references a scene, character, object, or concept—with the exception of maps or geographies—from the Dragonsteel Works. These allowed works are referred to as “Allowed Visual Fan Art.”

1.2. The Design is your own original work and does not contain or infringe any trademarks, logos, copyrighted material, any other intellectual property belonging to any third party, or content subject to a third party’s right of publicity or privacy.
1.3. You have sufficient rights to perform under this Agreement, including but not limited to sufficient rights to license the Design to Dragonsteel.

2. If you are chosen as one of the contest winners—at Dragonsteel’s discretion, by fan vote, or by any other method Dragonsteel may at its sole discretion use for choosing contest winners—you hereby grant and agree to grant to Dragonsteel an exclusive, perpetual, sublicensable, worldwide license to (i) exercise all copyrights and other rights in the Design, and (ii) identify you as the author/artist of the Design. You additionally waive all moral rights in the Design.
3. If you are not chosen as a contest winner, your rights to use your Design are governed by Dragonsteel’s Fan Art Policy, which is available at
4. You are solely responsible for paying any taxes or similar financial impositions that arise as a result of receiving any contest prize from Dragonsteel.
5. Under applicable U.S. law, payments under these Design Submission Terms and Conditions (or otherwise) will not be made to persons who reside in Cuba, Iran, Syria, North Korea, Sudan and Burma (Myanmar) or to select persons who are prohibited from receiving such payments.
6. You agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless Dragonsteel and its sublicensees (each an “Indemnified Party”), including costs of defense (expenses, reasonable attorney fees, etc.) and any judgments, damages, or other liabilities for any bona fide third-party arising out of your breach provision of this Agreement.
7. This agreement is governed by the laws of the State of Utah. Any legal actions regarding disputes under this Agreement shall be brought, if jurisdiction and venue are available, first in Utah Fourth District Court, second in a state or federal court in Utah , and otherwise in any competent court. You hereby agree to personal jurisdiction in such courts.