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Annotation Warbreaker Chapter Thirty-Two

Annotation Warbreaker Chapter Thirty-Two Siri Lies in Bed and Decides to Take Charge Reading through this scene again, I feel like it needs a bit of a trim. Ah well. There are always going to be sections like that that make it through. I felt that there needed to be a scene where Siri finally…

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Questions, 30% Off Sale, Signings, Awards & Updates

Questions, 30% Off Sale, Signings, Awards & Updates Do you have a question for me? Tor.com is soliciting questions for the next three days which they’ll then compile and send my way. I’m also taking questions on Goodreads’s Fantasy Book Club this month. They have one thread for questions about THE WAY OF KINGS and…

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Alcatraz Four Release + Michael Whelan Prints

Alcatraz Four Release + Michael Whelan Prints One important bit of news is that the fourth Alcatraz book, ALCATRAZ VERSUS THE SHATTERED LENS, was released officially in stores this week. I had reports of it being found on store shelves as early as last week, maybe even the week before. So it’s around. I’m very…

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Annotation Warbreaker Chapter Thirty One

Annotation Warbreaker Chapter Thirty One Similarities Between Warbreaker and Elantris And finally, we arrive at my personal favorite character in the book. Lightsong the Bold, the god who doesn’t believe in his own religion. I had the idea for Lightsong a number of years ago. My first book, Elantris, dealt with the concept of men…

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