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Cytonic Final Proofread 100%
Wax & Wayne Book 4 (Mistborn 7) Draft 2.0 100%
Skyward Four Pre Writing 33%
Evershore (Skyward Novella 3) Final Draft 100%

Warbreaker Chapter Eleven

Warbreaker Chapter Eleven But surely we can bend the rules a little bit,” Siri said, walking quickly beside Treledees. Treledees eyed her. The priest—high priest of the God King—would have been tall even without the elaborate miter on his head. With it, he seemed to tower over her almost like one of the Returned. Well,…

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Warbreaker Chapter Ten

Warbreaker Chapter Ten Vivenna’s hair instantly bleached to a stark white. Think! she told herself. You’ve been trained in politics! You studied hostage negotiation. But . . . what do you do when you arethe hostage? Suddenly, the two men burst out laughing. The larger man thumped the table several times with his hand, causing his bird to squawk. “Sorry, Princess,” Denth—the thinner…

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Warbreaker Chapter Nine

Warbreaker Chapter Nine Vivenna—firstborn child of Dedelin, king of Idris—gazed upon the grand city of T’Telir. It was the ugliest place she had ever seen. People jostled their way through the streets, draped flagrantly in colors, yelling, and talking, and moving, and stinking, and coughing, and bumping. Her hair lightened to grey, she pulled her…

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Warbreaker Chapter Eight

Warbreaker Chapter Eight Siri groaned, rolling over. Her back hurt, her arms hurt, and her head hurt. In fact, she was so uncomfortable that she couldn’t stay asleep, despite her fatigue. She sat up, holding her head. She’d spent the night on the floor of the God King’s bedchamber—sleeping, kind of. Sunlight poured into the…

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Warbreaker Chapter Seven

Warbreaker Chapter Seven The door shut behind her. A large fire growled in a hearth to her left, bringing a shifting orange light to the large room. The black walls seemed to draw in and absorb the illumination, making deep shadows at the edges of the room. Siri stood quietly in her ornate velvet dress,…

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Warbreaker Chapter Six

Warbreaker Chapter Six Siri stepped from the carriage. Immediately, dozens of servants in blue and silver swarmed around her, pulling her away. Siri turned, alarmed, looking back toward her soldiers. The men stepped forward, but Treledees held up his hand. “The Vessel will go alone,” the priest declared. Siri felt a stab of fear. This…

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Warbreaker Chapter Five

Warbreaker Chapter Five This will complicate things, Vasher thought, standing in the shadows atop the wall that enclosed the Court of Gods. What’s wrong? Nightblood asked. So the rebels actually sent a princess. Doesn’t change your plans. Vasher waited, watching, as the new queen’s carriage crept up the incline and disappeared into the palace’s maw. What? Nightblood demanded. Even…

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Warbreaker Chapter Four

Warbreaker Chapter Four Siri’s carriage rolled to a stop outside of T’Telir, capital of Hallandren. She stared out the window and realized something very, very intimidating: Her people had no idea what it meant to be ostentatious. Flowers weren’t ostentatious. Ten soldiers protecting a carriage was not ostentatious. Throwing a tantrum in public wasn’t ostentatious. The field…

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Warbreaker Chapter Three

Warbreaker Chapter Three Lightsong didn’t remember dying. His priests, however, assured him that his death had been extremely inspiring. Noble. Grand. Heroic. One did not Return unless one died in a way that exemplified the great virtues of human existence. That was why the Iridescent Tones sent the Returned back; they acted as examples, and…

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Warbreaker Chapter Two

Warbreaker Chapter Two Siri sat, stunned, in a rattling carriage, her homeland growing more and more distant with each bump and shake. Two days had passed, and she still didn’t understand. This was supposed to be Vivenna’s task. Everybody understood that. Idris had thrown a celebration on the day of Vivenna’s birth. The king had…

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