Slug Hunt | Cytoverse

Players: 2-6 | Age: 5+

The DDF has finally found the secret to the Superiority’s technology—slug-like creatures called Taynix. Pilots (players) will gather their own slug friends and form a new DDF Flight to help in the fight against the Krell!

Game Objective

Pilots must gather as many two-slug matches as possible. The pilot who gathers the most slug matches becomes the Flight Leader.


Pilots pick their own “callsign” and work together to name their DDF Flight. All pilots are members of the same Flight.

Pilots each draw a random card from the deck. The pilot who has most recently read a Cytoverse novel “hunts” first, while the pilot to their right becomes the dealer.

The Deal

After the cards are shuffled, the dealer deals 5 cards facedown to each pilot. This is the pilot’s “sling,” and each pilot may look at the slugs in their own sling.

The remaining deck is set facedown. The top 10 cards are drawn and become “wandering slugs.” These slugs are shuffled faceup back into the deck, but the top card of the deck should still be facedown. The deck is placed in the center as the “Taynix Caverns.”

All pilots may lay down matches from their sling before beginning the game.

Game Play

If a pilot has no slugs remaining in their sling at the beginning of their turn, they take the top three cards from the Taynix Caverns and add them to their sling. If no cards remain in the Taynix Caverns, play is passed to the next pilot.

The starting pilot picks an opponent and, using their callsign, asks for slugs matching a slug in their own sling. For example: “Spin, do you have a slug with pizza?” (slug descriptions or card values may be used). The opponent must hand over any slugs matching the request from their sling. The pilot lays down the slug(s) they received along with the matching slug from their sling. Their turn ends and play passes to their left.

If, instead, the opponent does not have the requested slug, they say “Slug Hunt!” and the hunting pilot must go to the Taynix Caverns to hunt for a slug.

Slug Hunt

When told to “Slug Hunt,” the pilot will take the top facedown card from the Taynix Caverns and add it to their sling. If this slug forms any match, they lay the match down. Otherwise, their turn ends.

If a wandering slug is revealed during a Slug Hunt, any pilot (including the hunting pilot) with a matching slug in their sling may call out “Gotcha!” and slap their hand down on the faceup slug. The first pilot to do so gathers the slug and lays it down with the matching slug from their sling. If a pilot slaps the slug in error, they must give one of their matches to the pilot with the fewest matches.

If no pilot has a match for the wandering slug in their sling, the hunting pilot puts the slug in their own sling and their turn ends.

Game End

Slug Hunt ends when all slugs have been matched and laid down. The pilot with the most matches is Flight Leader and gets to pick the next game or go first in another game of Slug Hunt.