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Cytonic Final Proofread 100%
Wax & Wayne Book 4 (Mistborn 7) Draft 2.0 100%
Skyward Four Pre Writing 33%
Evershore (Skyward Novella 3) Final Draft 100%

The Bieberllama

The Bieberllama Well, the results are in: whose book sold best, James’s or Brandon’s—and the winner is Brandon. … Brandon Mull. That’s right, Brandon Mull’s Wild Born has defeated both Steelheart and The Eye of Minds. Brandon Mull is a good friend of mine and James Dashner’s, and his book outsold both of ours last week, so I’m declaring him…

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Amphigory! All right, there has been way too much highbrow political mumbo jumbo being posted on this website recently. It’s time we get back to our roots. And, what are those roots? Stupid puns, of course! Last week commemorated the passing of a certain political figure in American history, and so I just couldn’t help…

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Amphigory + What I’m Working On

Amphigory + What I’m Working On Okay, so I’m off by a few hours. Sorry about that. I wanted to get this posted on Tuesday, but it will have to be a wee-hours Wednesday post. Scroll down for pun stupidity. Since It’s so late, I’m going to hold off on those annotations (since I have…

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Huzzah! Well, folks, I can safely say that I know ONE reason why the book has been so tough to find for some people. We got numbers for last week today, and they look pretty darn good. Bookscan (the Nielsen ratings for books) lists MISTBORN: WELL OF ASCENSION as the #3 hardback fantasy of the…

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It’s Out! + Amphigory

It’s Out! + Amphigory Mistborn: The Well of Ascension is out! We’re really keeping our fingers crossed for first week sales on this one, so if you’ve been waiting for it to come out, you should be happy to know that it’s on shelves pretty much everywhere! Some people have even been noting on my…

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Amphigory + Pemberly Moment + ??

Amphigory + Pemberly Moment + ?? It’s a special Valentine’s Week Amphigory: Need a clue? This is a bit harder. It has to do with the little cherub, and what he’s holding. Also, the text itself isn’t all that important. In case you’re new to the blog, every Tuesday I do random stupid puns in…

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Happy New Year! (Amphigory Included)

Happy New Year! (Amphigory Included) Did you think I forgot? I have two resolutions. Get back to work, and answer my email. Hopefully, this Amphigory isn’t that tough to figure out. It’s the first of what may be a series of alternate jobs for famous science fiction characters. Be afraid. File name has the solution.…

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Today’s Post: Amphigory

Today’s Post: Amphigory And, I’m off to Spain! I will do my best to update. Until then, Don’t Stop Believin’! Even though we go our Separate Ways, I’ll have Open Arms for the Wheel in the Sky! If you need more clues, look here:

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