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Skyward 3 Copyedit Review 100%
Wax & Wayne Book 4 (Mistborn 7) 18%
Sunreach (Skyward Novella 1) Final Draft 100%
ReDawn (Skyward Novella 2) Draft 1.0 10%

MGM options Brandon’s forthcoming novella Snapshot

MGM options Brandon’s forthcoming novella Snapshot Adam here. Yes, you read that right. Snapshot, Brandon’s forthcoming novella, was just optioned by MGM. Broken Road Productions and Entertainment 360 (Office Christmas Party) are to produce. If you’re not familiar with Snapshot, you can find a brief synopsis below. You can use the widget to the right to see preorder…

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Infinity Blade fan film kickstarter

Infinity Blade fan film kickstarter Hey all. I found out about this recently, and it looks pretty cool to me. A couple of fans want to make a live-action fan film for the Infinity Blade story. (If you’re not familiar with Infinity Blade, it’s a series of iOS games by ChAIR Entertainment/Epic Games that I also wrote…

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Mistborn Film Rights

Mistborn Film Rights As many of you know, a Mistborn film has been in the development stages for several years now. The producers, Paloppa Pictures, were wonderful to partner with and worked very hard to bring a Mistborn vision to the big screen. However, their rights have just lapsed. They’re still interested in the project, but we’re in this…

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State of the Sanderson 2013

JTVCcmNibG9jayUyMGlkJTNEJTIyMjU2OSUyMiU1RA==It has been quite a busy time these last six or seven months. Too busy, maybe? A lot of great experiences, but it has cut into my time to be at home writing. Let me give you a little update of what I’m doing writing-wise.

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THE RITHMATIST Illustrations, Book Expo America & Updates

THE RITHMATIST Illustrations, Book Expo America & Updates The newest Writing Excuses podcast episode is called “What The Avengers Did Right.” It has a bunch of spoilers for that movie and talks about it from the point of view of a writer. I’ve uploaded all of Ben McSweeney’s awesome illustrations for THE RITHMATIST. This includes the map (which…

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Spectre Kickstarter from Jason Denzel

Spectre Kickstarter from Jason Denzel Hey all, this is just a quick post to let you know about the Spectre Kickstarter from Jason Denzel. Remember this awesome Towers of Midnight trailer from a couple years ago? Jason (founder of Dragonmount & all-around cool guy) was responsible for making that trailer. Well, he has also filmed a short epic fantasy…

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Mistborn Movie Update and Hugo Nomination

Mistborn Movie Update and Hugo Nomination Two big updates today! First off, we at Writing Excuses are proud to be Hugo nominated in the Best Related Work category for our second year in a row. Huzzah! Thank you to all who nominated. (You can see the other nominees in all categories here, and you can also watch recordings…

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Writing Excuses, ALCATRAZ annotation, CNN’s Geek Out

Writing Excuses, ALCATRAZ annotation, CNN’s Geek Out Just a quick update for today. I’m currently flying to Australia. Yesterday’s Writing Excuses episode is all about writing excuses—all those handy tricks that the great authors use to prevent themselves from finishing any book before its time. There are a couple of quotes from me in an article on…

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Writing Excuses Video + Updates

Writing Excuses Video + Updates This week’s Writing Excuses podcast episode covers film considerations, and Mary Robinette Kowal and Dave Wolverton/David Farland join Dan and Howard to discuss the topic. Appropriately, this episode was also filmed by Moses Siregar III of Adventures in Sci-Fi Publishing, and the video is up on YouTube. The most recent…

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