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Cytonic Final Proofread 100%
Wax & Wayne Book 4 (Mistborn 7) Draft 2.0 100%
Skyward Four Draft 1.0 100%
Evershore (Skyward Novella 3) Final Draft 100%

Darrell Sweet

Darrell Sweet For those who do not know, Darrell Sweet—illustrator of all of the Wheel of Time covers—has passed away. The first of his covers I can remember seeing was his beautiful cover for THE EYE OF THE WORLD. I’m sure it wasn’t actually the first, however. Mr. Sweet was one of the premier fantasy…

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Brandon Sanderson Newsletter for November 2011

Brandon Sanderson Newsletter for November 2011 Hi all! A note directly from Brandon here. I’m proud to present the new Mistborn book for you all, THE ALLOY OF LAW. You’re receiving this because you signed up or sent me fan mail. If you’d prefer not to get emails like this in the future, just reply…

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New Wheel of Time Great Hunt

New Wheel of Time Great Hunt Well, I’m off on my tour. The THE ALLOY OF LAW release party was a blast, even though the bookstore was a little light on copies. We managed to get everyone a book, I think. So huzzah, and forward. One of the things I announced yesterday on Twitter and…

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Fantasy Magazine interview with Leigh Butler + Updates

Fantasy Magazine interview with Leigh Butler + Updates Leigh Butler interviewed me for Fantasy Magazine. The interview talks about THE ALLOY OF LAW, the Stormlight Archive, the Wheel of Time, THE RITHMATIST, and rules of magic among other topics. It’s fairly extensive, so check it out. This week’s Writing Excuses podcast episode features Patrick Rothfuss’s…

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Q&A Recording, T-Shirts & Updates

Q&A Recording, T-Shirts & Updates I had a great time at Polaris in Toronto this past weekend. If you couldn’t be there, you can check out an mp3 of the Q&A session that I did, which @Thesleepingwolf has posted online here. (If you want to download it and can’t figure out which link to use,…

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Name Auction Coming, Music + Updates

Name Auction Coming, Music + Updates Want your name to appear as a character in the Stormlight Archive? There’s going to be an auction for just that starting on Wednesday to benefit the Life, the Universe, & Everything (LTUE) symposium. I’ll post more details when the auction begins. This year’s LTUE hosted the recording of…

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Wheel of Time Shirts

Wheel of Time Shirts There haven’t ever, so far as I know, been official Wheel of Time T-shirts. A lot of people have asked where they can get them. Finally we have a place: Ta’veren Tees. I’ve got a few of the shirts, and they’re awesome. (Particularly the Far Dareis Mai one.) Their press release…

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Suvudu Cage Matches

Suvudu Cage Matches I blogged briefly yesterday about the Suvudu cage matches. I thought I’d dig into it a little further today, as I consider Monday updates (normally) to be more “Here’s what’s going on” updates. I prefer to move more in-depth posts to other days. So, the Suvudu cage match. First off, I’d like…

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Updates, Q&A, and Tweets January 6-10

Updates, Q&A, and Tweets January 6-10 In this week’s Writing Excuses episode, we talk about fulfilling promises to your readers, and we give specific examples from our own stories and others’. The most recent WARBREAKER annotation covers Vivenna’s character arc hitting rock bottom. I also talk about how to give your Breath away one…

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