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Cytonic Final Proofread 100%
Wax & Wayne Book 4 (Mistborn 7) Draft 2.0 100%
Skyward Four Draft 1.0 100%
Evershore (Skyward Novella 3) Final Draft 100%

June Is (was) Audiobook Month

June Is (was) Audiobook Month Well, here it is the last day of June and I haven’t mentioned audiobooks at all like I was supposed to, and we all know whose fault that was . . . that’s right, my assistant Peter. June is audiobook month! There are lots of audiobook-related posts on Twitter with…

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Annotation Warbreaker Map

Annotation Warbreaker Map The map for this book was done by the awesome Shawn Boyles. For this book, I wanted something with an illustrated feel to it. The Mistborn maps were supposed to look realistic and gritty—like maps from London during the nineteenth century. I wanted twisting, cramped streets and a sense of overcrowding. For…

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Updates, THE WAY OF KINGS ARC Giveaway, Tour

Updates, THE WAY OF KINGS ARC Giveaway, Tour In the most recent Writing Excuses podcast episode, Dan and I are joined once more by James Dashner and Julie Wright to talk about “mating plumage”: book covers, titles, and first lines. Again, this episode was recorded at CONduit with the help of Dungeon Crawlers Radio. The…

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Annotation Warbreaker Dedication

Annotation Warbreaker Dedication This book is dedicated to my dear wife, Emily. I started writing this book when we were dating, and worked on it all through our engagement. I even took it on our honeymoon to Hawaii—though I didn’t actually get any writing done on it then. When I proposed to her, I wrote…

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Annotation Mistborn 3 Epilogue

Annotation Mistborn 3 Epilogue The End This epilogue ties up a few loose ends, then sets up a couple of others. Much like most of my endings. At least now you know how Vin Snapped. Many people have wondered this, so I thought I should include it somewhere in the book. Here, with Vin and…

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Annotation Mistborn 3 Chapter Eighty-Two

Annotation Mistborn 3 Chapter Eighty-Two Sazed Ascendant The answer is yes, I planned it from the beginning. And I didn’t. It’s difficult for me, even as the author, to trace back when and where the various threads of a story began. I wrote all three of these books in a row, and to me, they’re…

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Breaking into the YA Market & MISTBORN 3 Annotations

Breaking into the YA Market & MISTBORN 3 Annotations In this week’s Writing Excuses podcast, Dan and I were joined at CONduit by Robison Wells (who happens to be Dan’s brother) and Janci Patterson (who happens to be an alpha reader of mine as well as a former student). Both have recently signed YA book…

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Annotation Mistborn 3 Chapter Eighty-One Part 4

Annotation Mistborn 3 Chapter Eighty-One Part 4 Vin’s Sacrifice Killing Elend and leaving Vin alive would have been, in my opinion, more tragic than what happened. As I establish in a little bit, there is an afterlife in this cosmology. Better for them both to die and to be together. There were only two ways…

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