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Stormlight 4 & 5 Outlining 100%
Starsight Release 100%
Stormlight 4 Rough Draft 100%
Stormlight 4 Draft 3.0 40%

THE RITHMATIST Book Tour + Signed Copies

THE RITHMATIST Book Tour + Signed Copies My YA fantasy novel THE RITHMATIST comes out on May 14th in the US/Canada, and May 23rd in UK/Commonwealth countries. (Read the prologue and first five chapters here.) This book tour’s stops are listed at the bottom of this post, and included are a bunch of cities I haven’t…

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Stormlight Videos + Updates

Stormlight Videos + Updates This past weekend I had a great time at JordanCon. Next year‘s Author Guest of Honor will be Patrick Rothfuss, with Artist Guest of Honor Larry Elmore. It should be awesome. While I was there I signed a number of books for two booksellers, The Missing Volume and Basement Books. They each…

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My JordanCon Schedule + Updates

My JordanCon Schedule + Updates This weekend I’ll be at JordanCon in Atlanta. My schedule is below, and the full schedule is here. Guests of Honor this year are Seanan McGuire (a.k.a. Mira Grant) and Michael Whelan. Team Jordan will also be participating. Stormlight/Mistborn/Rithmatist artists Isaac Stewart and Ben McSweeney will also be there. They have a…

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Reddit AMA + Updates

Reddit AMA + Updates I’m doing a Reddit AMA (ask me anything) right now at /r/fantasy. Ask away. This week’s Writing Excuses podcast episode talks about narrative rhythm. Here’s the penultimate video of me writing the Rysn interlude from WORDS OF RADIANCE, the next Stormlight book. Next week I’ll put up the conclusion and the sped-up version with everything…

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A MEMORY OF LIGHT ebook + Updates

A MEMORY OF LIGHT ebook + Updates A few random pieces of catch-up news for today. The ebook for A MEMORY OF LIGHT came out this week, if you didn’t notice. You can find it at the usual vendors. This week the Writing Excuses podcast has another brainstorming episode, where I come up with a concept…

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Helping Ben Wolverton

Helping Ben Wolverton Many of you know that a certain author, Dave Wolverton (who also writes as David Farland), was an important mentor to me early in my career. Well, Dave has run into some difficult times recently, as his son Ben had a longboarding accident and is now in a coma. Dave, like many…

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WITHOUT A SUMMER + Updates This week’s Writing Excuses podcast episode is called “Fake It Till You Make It” and in it Mary, Dan, Howard, and I talk about the things we do or have done to feel professional. Also, as I mentioned earlier this week, Writing Excuses has been nominated once again for the…

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THE EMPEROR’S SOUL Nominated for a Hugo Award!

THE EMPEROR’S SOUL Nominated for a Hugo Award! The nominations for the 2013 Hugo Awards were recently released, and I’m elated to announce that The Emperor’s Soul has been nominated for Best Novella. This is, quite frankly, awesome. It’s my first major award nomination in a fiction category. Alongside it, Writing Excuses has been nominated for Best Related Work for…

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