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Cytonic Final Proofread 100%
Wax & Wayne Book 4 (Mistborn 7) Draft 2.0 100%
Skyward Four Draft 1.0 30%
Evershore (Skyward Novella 3) Final Draft 100%

Warbreaker Ars Arcanum

Warbreaker Ars Arcanum TABLE OF THE HEIGHTENINGS Heightening Number Approximate Breaths Needed to Reach This Heightening Effects of the Heightening First 50 Aura Recognition Second 200 Perfect Pitch Third 600 Perfect Color Recognition Fourth 1,000 Perfect Life Recognition Fifth 2,000 Agelessness Sixth 3,500 Instinctive Awakening Seventh 5,000 Invested Breath Recognition Eighth 10,000 Command Breaking Ninth…

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Warbreaker Epilogue

Warbreaker Epilogue The next day, an army of a thousand stone soldiers charged from the gates of the city, running down the highway after the Lifeless who had left the day before. Vivenna stood outside the city, leaning against the wall, watching them go. How often did I stand under the gaze of those D’Denir, she…

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Warbreaker Chapter Fifty-Eight

Warbreaker Chapter Fifty-Eight The closet door opened, letting in lanternlight. Vivenna looked up, gagged and bound, at Vasher’s silhouette. He dragged Nightblood behind him, covered—as usual—by his silver sheath. Looking very tired, Vasher knelt and undid her gag. “About time,” she noted. He smiled wanly. “I don’t have any Breath remaining,” he said quietly. “It…

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Warbreaker Chapter Fifty-Seven

Warbreaker Chapter Fifty-Seven Bluefingers led Siri—held by several Lifeless—up to the fourth floor of the palace. The top floor. They entered a room lavishly decorated with rich colors, even for Hallandren. Lifeless guards there let them pass, bowing their heads to Bluefingers. All the Lifeless in the city are controlled by Bluefingers and his scribes, she…

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Warbreaker Chapter Fifty-Six

Warbreaker Chapter Fifty-Six Vivenna hung outside the window, breathing deeply, sweating heavily. She’d peeked inside. Denth was in there, as was Tonk Fah. Vasher was hanging from a hook on the ceiling. He was bloodied, and he held no Breath, but he seemed to be alive. Can I stop both Denth and Tonk Fah? she thought. Her arms…

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Warbreaker Chapter Fifty-Five

Warbreaker Chapter Fifty-Five “There is fighting at the front gates, Your Excellency,” the bloodied soldier said. “The insurgents are fighting each other there. We . . . we might be able to get out.” Siri felt a stab of relief. Finally, something going right. Treledees turned toward her. “If we can get into the city, the people will…

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Warbreaker Chapter Fifty-Four

Warbreaker Chapter Fifty-Four What’s the word on the street, Tuft?” Vivenna asked, sidling up to a beggar. He snorted, holding out his cup to those few who passed in the early light. Tuft was always one of the first to arrive in the mornings. “Why do I care?” he said. “Come on,” Vivenna said. “You…

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Warbreaker Chapter Fifty-Three

Warbreaker Chapter Fifty-Three Vivenna waited up for Vasher. He did not return. She paced in the small, one-room hideout—the sixth in a series. They never spent more than a few days in each location. Unadorned, it held only their bedrolls, Vasher’s pack, and a single flickering candle. Vasher would have chastised her for wasting the…

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Warbreaker Chapter Fifty-Two

Warbreaker Chapter Fifty-Two Lightsong sat in one of the rooms of his palace, surrounded by finery, a cup of wine in his hand. Despite the very late hour, servants moved in and out, piling up furniture, paintings, vases, and small sculptures. Anything that could be moved. The riches sat in heaps. Lightsong lounged back on…

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Warbreaker Chapter Fifty-One

Warbreaker Chapter Fifty-One I’m glad you came back for me, Nightblood said. It was very lonely in that closet. Vasher didn’t reply as he walked across the top of the wall surrounding the Court of Gods. It was late, dark, and quiet, though a few of the palaces still shone with light. One of those belonged to…

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