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Cytonic Final Proofread 100%
Wax & Wayne Book 4 (Mistborn 7) Draft 2.0 100%
Skyward Four Draft 1.0 100%
Evershore (Skyward Novella 3) Final Draft 100%

Warbreaker Chapter Thirty

Warbreaker Chapter Thirty Lightsong!” Blushweaver said, hands on hips. “What in the name of the Iridescent Tones are you doing?” Lightsong ignored her, instead applying his hands to the clump of muddy clay in front of him. His servants and priests stood in a large ring, looking nearly as confused as Blushweaver—who had arrived at…

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Warbreaker Chapter Twenty-Nine

Warbreaker Chapter Twenty-Nine Tell me about the mountains, Susebron wrote. Siri smiled. “Mountains?” Please, he wrote, sitting in his chair beside the bed. Siri lay on one side; her bulky dress had been too hot for this evening, so she sat in her shift with a sheet over her, resting on one elbow so she could see…

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Warbreaker Chapter Twenty-Eight

Warbreaker Chapter Twenty-Eight The meeting is set, my lady,” Thame said. “The men are eager. Your work in T’Telir is gaining more and more notoriety.” Vivenna wasn’t sure what she thought of that. She sipped her juice. The lukewarm liquid was addictively flavorful, although she wished for some Idrian ice. Thame looked at her eagerly.…

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Warbreaker Chapter Twenty-Seven

Warbreaker Chapter Twenty-Seven Something happened to those previous God Kings, Siri thought, striding through the endless rooms of the God King’s palace, her servants scurrying behind. Something that Bluefingers fears will happen to Susebron. It will be dangerous to both the God King and myself. She continued to walk, trailing a train made from countless tassels of…

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Warbreaker Chapter Twenty-Six

Warbreaker Chapter Twenty-Six Lightsong awoke and immediately climbed from bed. He stood up, stretched, and smiled. “Beautiful day,” he said. His servants stood at the edges of the room, watching uncertainly. “What?” Lightsong asked, holding out his arms. “Come on, let’s get dressed.” They rushed forward. Llarimar entered shortly after. Lightsong often wondered how early…

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Warbreaker Chapter Twenty-Five

Warbreaker Chapter Twenty-Five Vivenna went among the people of T’Telir and couldn’t help feeling that every one of them recognized her. She fought the feeling down. It was actually a miracle that Thame—who came from her own home city—had been able to pick her out. The people around her would have no way of connecting…

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Warbreaker Chapter Twenty-Four

Warbreaker Chapter Twenty-Four Siri’s servants clustered around her uncertainly as she walked into the chaotic room. She wore a blue and white gown with a ten-foot train. As she entered, scribes and priests looked up in shock; some immediately scrambled to their feet, bowing. Others just stared as she passed, her serving women doing their…

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Warbreaker Chapter Twenty-Three

Warbreaker Chapter Twenty-Three Lightsong found Blushweaver in the grassy portion of the courtyard behind her palace. She was enjoying the art of one of the city’s master gardeners. Lightsong strolled through the grass, his entourage hovering around him, holding up a large parasol to shield him from the sun, and generally seeing that he was…

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Warbreaker Chapter Twenty-Two

Warbreaker Chapter Twenty-Two Weatherlove, god of storms, selected one of the wooden spheres from the rack, then hefted it in his hand. It had been built to fill the palm of a god, and was weighted in the middle with lead. Carved with rings across the surface, it was painted a deep blue. “A doubling…

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Warbreaker Chapter Twenty-One

Warbreaker Chapter Twenty-One Vasher stood atop the palace of the God King, watching the sun drop above the western rain forest. The sunset was vibrant amidst the clouds, colors flaring, beautiful reds and oranges painting the trees. Then the sun disappeared and the colors faded. Some said that before a man died, his BioChromatic aura…

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