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Cytonic Final Proofread 100%
Wax & Wayne Book 4 (Mistborn 7) Draft 2.0 100%
Skyward Four Draft 1.0 100%
Evershore (Skyward Novella 3) Final Draft 100%

Warbreaker Chapter Twenty

Warbreaker Chapter Twenty For the first time in her several weeks at the palace, Siri stood before the God King’s door and felt neither worried nor tired. Bluefingers, oddly, wasn’t scribbling on his pad. He watched her silently, expression unreadable. Siri almost smiled to herself. Gone were the days when she’d had to lie on…

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Warbreaker Chapter Nineteen

Warbreaker Chapter Nineteen “This is nice,” Denth said, looking over the house. “Strong wood paneling. Will break very cleanly.” “Yeah,” Tonk Fah added, peeking into a closet. “And it has plenty of storage. Bet we could fit a good half-dozen bodies in here alone.” Vivenna shot the two mercenaries a look, causing them to chuckle…

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Warbreaker Chapter Eighteen

Warbreaker Chapter Eighteen Siri stood before the door to her husband’s bedchamber, shuffling nervously. As usual, Bluefingers stood beside her, and he was the only other one in the hallway. He scribbled on his pad, giving no indication of how he always knew when it was time for her to enter. For once, she didn’t…

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Warbreaker Chapter Seventeen

Warbreaker Chapter Seventeen Vivenna walked back toward Lemex’s house, dissecting the argument she’d heard at the Court of Gods. Her tutors had instructed her that discussions in the Court Assembly didn’t always lead to action; just because they talked of war didn’t mean it would happen. This discussion, however, seemed to mean more. It was…

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Warbreaker Chapter Sixteen

Warbreaker Chapter Sixteen “. . . still say that we cannot possibly justify military action against Idris!” a priest shouted. The man wore blue and gold. It was Stillmark’s high priest—Lightsong couldn’t quite remember the man’s name. Nanrovah? The argument was not unexpected. Lightsong leaned forward. Nanrovah and his master, Stillmark, were both staunch traditionalists. They tended…

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Warbreaker Chapter Fifteen

Warbreaker Chapter Fifteen Breath catching in her chest, Siri turned. She found him standing behind her, though she had no idea how he had arrived. There was no entrance back there, just the stone wall. He wore white. She hadn’t expected that. Something about his BioChroma made the pure white split as she’d seen before, breaking up…

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Warbreaker Chapter Fourteen

Warbreaker Chapter Fourteen “It’s raining,” Lightsong noted. “Very astute, Your Grace,” Llarimar said, walking beside his god. “I’m not fond of rain.” “So you have often noted, Your Grace.” “I’m a god,” Lightsong said. “Shouldn’t I have power over the weather? How can it rain if I don’t want it to?” “There are currently twenty-five…

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Warbreaker Chapter Thirteen

Warbreaker Chapter Thirteen “I’ll give it away,” Vivenna said firmly. She sat with the mercenaries in Lemex’s home. It was the day after the Breaths had been forced upon her, and she had spent a restless night, letting the mercenaries and the nurse see to the disposal of Lemex’s body. She didn’t remember falling asleep…

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Warbreaker Chapter Twelve

Warbreaker Chapter Twelve Eventually, Lightsong had to hear petitions. It was annoying, since the Wedding Jubilation wouldn’t even be over for another few days. The people, however, needed their gods. He knew he shouldn’t feel annoyed. He’d gotten most of a week off for the wedding fete—conspicuously unattended by either the bride or groom—and that…

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