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Way of Kings Kickstarter: Bridge Four Poster Reveal

Way of Kings Kickstarter: Bridge Four Poster Reveal Isaac here. As many of you know, we’re hard at work preparing for our summer Kickstarter for the Dragonsteel edition of The Way of Kings. Today we’re kicking off the ramp-up period before the Kickstarter with a reveal we’ve been holding onto for quite some time. Several…

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January YouTube Livestream

January YouTube Livestream In order to get the Way of Kings leatherbound ready for our Kickstarter this summer, I need to sign thousands upon thousands of copies of the first signature. (A “signature” in this context means a group of pages of the book that will eventually be trimmed and bound together. You’ll see what…

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State of the Sanderson 2019

State of the Sanderson 2019 Introduction Welcome, everyone, to our final State of the Sanderson for the decade! If you’re not familiar with these posts, each December I take a look back at my year and talk about the projects I’ve been working on. Then I turn an eye to the future to see where…

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A Christmas Present

A Christmas Present Introduction: The Short Version I’ve got a new story out for you to read. It’s free, and you can dive into it by going to this link. Enjoy! Once you’ve read it, here are some links of places to talk about it, all of which are likely to contain spoilers. Discussion on Reddit Discussion…

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The Reckoners board game, The Way of Kings VR Experience + Update

The Reckoners board game, The Way of Kings VR Experience + Update Adam here. If you’ve been following Brandon’s Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram you will know that it’s been quite the exciting week for us here at Dragonsteel Headquarters. For those who haven’t, here’s a quick rundown. In a previous post we showed you you a bit about the cooperative board…

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The Way of Kings, Escape the Shattered Plains VR Experience

The Way of Kings, Escape the Shattered Plains VR Experience Virtual reality makes the viewer an active participant in the story, allowing them to step into the creator’s imagination and explore their world. You are fully immersed in the experience. And we can’t imagine a better world to enter than that of The Way of Kings.…

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Weekly Update

Weekly Update Adam here. In this week’s new Writing Excuses episode, Cross-Genres as Gateways, Brandon, Piper, Howard, and Dan talk about books which have drawn them from genres where they’re most comfortable and what can be learned about your own writing by reading those gateway books. Brandon will be speaking at the Superstars Writing Seminar in February. If…

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Roshar’s Date System

Roshar’s Date System [Assistant Peter’s note: This post was written back in May by Karen Ahlstrom, Brandon’s continuity editor, but again it slipped through the cracks. I’m sorry, Karen!] I knew I’d have to deal with it sometime, and it finally caught up with me today. My Master Cosmere Timeline spreadsheet has far too many…

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Oathbringer’s Timeline

Oathbringer’s Timeline [Assistant Peter’s note: This post was written back in March by Karen Ahlstrom, but it fell through the cracks while we were working on Oathbringer.] I just finished the timeline for Oathbringer, and thought you might like to hear about the process. (Spoiler warning: There may be tidbits of information in this article about the…

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