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Songs of the Dead Revision 100%
Rhythm of War (Stormlight 4) final proofread 100%
Dawnshard Novella Final Draft 100%
Skyward 3 15%


THE WAY OF KINGS Tour Details Here’s the list of all my signings for the upcoming tour. There are still a few details to be added, such as the events surrounding Dragon*Con and the details of the Sam Weller’s signing-by-mail, but they will be posted eventually. For the latest information on my appearances, check out…

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June Is (was) Audiobook Month

June Is (was) Audiobook Month Well, here it is the last day of June and I haven’t mentioned audiobooks at all like I was supposed to, and we all know whose fault that was . . . that’s right, my assistant Peter. June is audiobook month! There are lots of audiobook-related posts on Twitter with…

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Updates, THE WAY OF KINGS ARC Giveaway, Tour

Updates, THE WAY OF KINGS ARC Giveaway, Tour In the most recent Writing Excuses podcast episode, Dan and I are joined once more by James Dashner and Julie Wright to talk about “mating plumage”: book covers, titles, and first lines. Again, this episode was recorded at CONduit with the help of Dungeon Crawlers Radio. The…

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Breaking into the YA Market & MISTBORN 3 Annotations

Breaking into the YA Market & MISTBORN 3 Annotations In this week’s Writing Excuses podcast, Dan and I were joined at CONduit by Robison Wells (who happens to be Dan’s brother) and Janci Patterson (who happens to be an alpha reader of mine as well as a former student). Both have recently signed YA book…

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Preview THE WAY OF KINGS on Tor.com

Preview THE WAY OF KINGS on Tor.com Today Tor.com has put up the first of several previews for THE WAY OF KINGS. Since the book won’t be in stores until August 31, you can guess there will be more goodies in the coming months. Stay tuned. The preview chapters will eventually make their way to…

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The Way of Kings: An Introduction

The Way of Kings: An Introduction This post originally appeared on Tor.com. I’ve been asked to introduce The Way Of Kings to you. And I have no idea how to start. This is an odd position for me. Before, I’ve found it easy to explain my novels. Each one was built around one or two…

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Play Magic with Brandon at CONduit!

Play Magic with Brandon at CONduit! All. The Magic draft at Jordancon was a blast, so I figured I’d try to get something rolling for CONduit this year. (It’s the science fiction convention up in Salt Lake.) A lot of people have written me wanting a chance to hang out with me and play. Well,…

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Catching Up on Updates

Catching Up on Updates Brandon’s assistant Peter here. He’s hard at work on TOWERS OF MIDNIGHT, which you know if you’ve been following on Twitter or Facebook. And I’ve been doing a lot of behind-the-scenes work for the WAY OF KINGS release (the book is being composited as we speak and is due back from…

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