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Skyward 3 Copyedit Review 100%
Wax & Wayne Book 4 (Mistborn 7) 15%
Sunreach (Skyward Novella 1) Final Draft 100%
ReDawn (Skyward Novella 2) Draft 1.0 10%

Writing Class Videos & Updates

Writing Class Videos & Updates First some updates on Words of Radiance, which comes out in less than two weeks. It’s almost here! Tor.com has posted what it was like to be a beta reader (note: I’m not currently looking for additional beta readers) and spoiler-free reactions to the book, and they’re mailing out daily context-free snippets. You can see…

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WORDS OF RADIANCE Release Events This is going to be a long post. If you want to know how to get numbered copies of Words of Radiance, scroll down to the general release events info, the info on the BYU signing, on the San Diego signing, or on the Weller Book Works signing-by-mail (now sold out—see below for more info). Item…

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Regarding Awards

Regarding Awards I’m a little late to the party this year, but I wanted to post a few words about awards season. If you want to nominate for the Hugo Awards you either need to have had a membership to last year’s Worldcon in San Antonio, or you need to be registered for this year’s Worldcon…

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Preview Chapters, Writing Video, Writing Excuses & Updates

Preview Chapters, Writing Video, Writing Excuses & Updates The Words of Radiance audiobook is now available for preorder on Audible in the US, as well as on CD via the links at the right. Kate Reading and Michael Kramer are well into recording the narration, and it will be released the same day as the hardcover and ebook. The…

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Words of Radiance preview chapters & Shallan art

Words of Radiance preview chapters & Shallan art Just dropping in to say that the first preview chapters of Words of Radiance are now up on Tor.com. This is the prologue and first two chapters. More preview chapters will follow in the coming weeks. There’s also a post about the Shallan endpapers that Michael Whelan painted for the book. Plus you can…

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Words of Radiance is done! + Signing in Orem Saturday

Words of Radiance is done! + Signing in Orem Saturday First off, keep in mind that the shipping deadline for signed books and other nifty things is tomorrow! Look here for more details. I’m also appearing at the Orem Library Holiday Author Extravaganza tomorrow morning; see my events calendar. For those who missed my posts on social media…

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Two More Mistborn Novels

Two More Mistborn Novels Hey, all. I’m neck-deep in Stormlight revisions, but wanted to pause and give you a little update on other books I’m working on. On my tour, I frequently read from the first chapter of a new novel in the Mistborn world, a sequel to The Alloy of Law. (In fact, you can…

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Brandon Sanderson Newsletter for September 2013

Brandon Sanderson Newsletter for September 2013 Hey, all! Brandon here, writing my own newsletter this time around. Just wanted to keep you up to date on what’s happening in the Sanderverse these days. Contents Steelheart is out today! Words of Radiance progress Steelheart Tour and Release Party Steelhunt and Blog Posts Welcoming Isaac and Kara…

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Introducing the Steelhunt

Introducing the Steelhunt Steelheart comes out tomorrow! If you live local to Utah, please consider coming to the launch party at the Barnes & Noble in Orem from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m. All copies will be numbered and pre-signed, so you won’t have to wait in line unless you want a personalization. I would really like to see this…

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Updates Catch-Up + Michael Whelan Stormlight 2 Cover

Updates Catch-Up + Michael Whelan Stormlight 2 Cover Playing catch-up with the Writing Excuses podcast, we did episodes on both Writing Reluctant Characters and Combining Dialogue, Blocking, and Description. We also did a Q&A session at the Out of Excuses Retreat that touches on these questions: To Dan: How did you go about selling your first trilogy in Germany before…

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