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Stormlight 4 & 5 Outlining 100%
Mistborn Screenplay 10%
Stormlight 4 Rough Draft 100%
Stormlight 4 Draft 4.0 60%

Reader photos from recent conventions + Updates

Reader photos from recent conventions + Updates Yesterday I announced the forthcoming Mistborn board game, Mistborn: House War. If you haven’t read that post yet, check it out! I hit two conventions recently, first Salt Lake City FanX and then up to Wisconsin for Odyssey Con this past weekend. (I will be at JordanCon in Atlanta next weekend.) Here’s…

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Wisconsin This Weekend + Updates

Wisconsin This Weekend + Updates I’m heading to Wisconsin tomorrow to attend Odyssey Con (registration required). I will be a Guest of Honor alongside Margaret Weis and Marjorie Liu. You can see my event schedule below or on the upcoming events page on my website. I hope to see many of you there! Saturday, April 9 Interview with Brandon Sanderson Time: 2:30–4:00 p.m.…

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FanX Tomorrow + Hugo Nomination Deadline

FanX Tomorrow + Hugo Nomination Deadline Hey, everyone. This is a reminder that I’ll be at FanX this weekend, for Saturday only. This is basically Salt Lake City’s spring Comic Con, so it’s bound to be a lively experience. Here is my schedule, which you can also find on my events page: Salt Lake Comic…

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Emirates Literature Festival + Updates

Emirates Literature Festival + Updates I am currently in the air, on my way to the Emirates Literature Festival in Dubai, and I have been getting questions about the schedule for the festival. My assistant Adam has updated it on my website, so if you want to see full details, take a look at my Upcoming…

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LTUE in Provo This Weekend

LTUE in Provo This Weekend I’m getting ready to walk out the door to head to LTUE (Life, the Universe, and Everything), the local convention in Provo, UT. I’ll be there over the next three days, and you can see a brief listing of my schedule below. My full schedule is on my events page, and for more…

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Mistborn Releases + Award Nomination Season

Mistborn Releases + Award Nomination Season On Monday night we had a very successful release party for the newest Mistborn novel, The Bands of Mourning. It’s now available worldwide in print, audio, and ebook, and you can find links to where to get it in the tabs at the upper right of the post. If you…

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Writing Excuses News + Updates

Writing Excuses News + Updates It’s 2016 and time for Writing Excuses to embark on a new season. This year we are going to explore what we write and why we write, but our guidepost will be the concept of Elemental Genres. In January we’ll stay high-level and firm up the framework. Starting in February…

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UK tour continues + Updates

UK tour continues + Updates My tour for the release of Shadows of Self continues this week in the UK. As always, if you would like me to send you an email when I’ll be appearing near you, tell me your metro area here. Tuesday, Oct 20: Sheffield & Newcastle Wednesday, Oct 21: Edinburgh Thursday, Oct 22: Leeds & Nottingham…

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99¢ ebook, Spokane Worldcon Schedule + Updates

99¢ ebook, Spokane Worldcon Schedule + Updates My Cosmere novella Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell is on sale at 99¢ in the US on Kindle and a few other ebook vendors, for the rest of August. (And several people have been asking about audiobooks for this and for Perfect State. Those aren’t available yet, but they are in the…

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