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Signing Tuesday in Paris

Signing Tuesday in Paris Peter here again, since Brandon is still in France. There’s a new Writing Excuses podcast episode up where Brandon, Dan, and Howard answer five mostly unrelated questions about writing. The questions they answered are listed here. And there’s a new WARBREAKER annotation up covering chapter twenty-five, largely about religion. Brandon will…

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Updates, Interview, & Superstars Writing Seminar

Updates, Interview, & Superstars Writing Seminar First some updates. In the most recent Writing Excuses episode we cover the excuses that keep you from writing. And recent WARBREAKER annotations talk about Vasher infiltrating the palace, Lightsong playing Terachin, and Clod’s identity. TOWERS OF MIDNIGHT comes out in slightly less than one week. Yesterday I went…

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TOWERS OF MIDNIGHT Preorders, Tower Guard, Trailer

TOWERS OF MIDNIGHT Preorders, Tower Guard, Trailer First some housekeeping. The most recent Writing Excuses podcast is on avoiding melodrama. And the most recent WARBREAKER annotations cover Clod and the God King’s secret (a big spoiler if you haven’t read the book!). TOWERS OF MIDNIGHT will be released in fourteen days and seven hours. If you want to order a…

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Updates + Video of Fantasy Authors Panel

Updates + Video of Fantasy Authors Panel I have a long update coming probably tomorrow on the final Wheel of Time book A MEMORY OF LIGHT, the next Stormlight Archive book, sequels to other books I’ve written, and other projects. But for now just a quick post. The most recent WARBREAKER annotations cover Vivenna reading…

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New York Comic Con Schedule

New York Comic Con Schedule I’m heading to the New York Comic Con at the Javits Center this weekend. I’ll only be at two events: a panel and a booth signing. My schedule follows. Hope to see you there! FRIDAY Fantasy Writers Panel 7:30 p.m.–8:30 p.m., Room 1A15 Join authors Joe Abercrombie (Best Served Cold),…

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Robert Jordan Memorial Scholarship Winner + Updates

Robert Jordan Memorial Scholarship Winner + Updates Back in June I mentioned the Robert Jordan Memorial Scholarship given out by and awarded based on applicants’ essays on the topic “How I plan to use my studies to become a Servant of All.” Well, the winner of this year’s scholarship has been announced, and it’s…

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