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Cytonic Final Proofread 100%
Wax & Wayne Book 4 (Mistborn 7) Draft 2.0 100%
Skyward Four Draft 1.0 30%
Evershore (Skyward Novella 3) Final Draft 100%

Updates + Bridge Four Shirts

Updates + Bridge Four Shirts Just a very quick update today. If you didn’t read my post about the A MEMORY OF LIGHT release date, it’s here. This week’s Writing Excuses podcast features Mary and Dan speaking with Sarah Pinborough in an episode entitled The City as a Character. The most recent annotation for ALCATRAZ…

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A MEMORY OF LIGHT Release Date Tor and Harriet have set the release date for A MEMORY OF LIGHT. Again. While I’ve been working on the book, this has happened a half dozen times, with varying levels of publicity surrounding the date. This time we’re saying January 8th. How likely is this one? Well, honestly, I don’t…

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Alternate ALCATRAZ Chapters + Updates

Alternate ALCATRAZ Chapters + Updates The most recent ALCATRAZ VERSUS THE EVIL LIBRARIANS annotation talks about why I shifted the book from third person to first person. My assistant has also uploaded the third person versions of the first two chapters, which you can compare with the published versions. I’ve spent all day recording new episodes of the Writing…

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Taiwan Trip Haul

Taiwan Trip Haul Hey, all! I had a wonderful time in Taiwan, and I thought I’d post some of the things I came home with. I always mean to do this following a tour, and hopefully I’ll make a habit of it from here out. First up, I wanted to show a few of the…

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My LTUE Schedule

My LTUE Schedule Life, the Universe & Everything, the local SF convention/symposium, starts tomorrow at Utah Valley University. I’ll be attending on Friday and Saturday, and my schedule is below. Venue: Sorensen Student Center Utah Valley University 800 W University Pkwy Orem, UT 84058 FRIDAY 1:00-3:00 p.m., Center Stage Writing Excuses Podcast (2 hours) Brandon…

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Newsletter + Updates

Newsletter + Updates This is just a quick update as I recover from my Taiwan trip and get back into the swing of the second draft of A MEMORY OF LIGHT. First off, this week’s ALCATRAZ VERSUS THE EVIL LIBRARIANS annotation talks about the dedication page. The most recent Writing Excuses episode draws back the curtain…

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Superstars Writing Seminar Prize Drawing

Superstars Writing Seminar Prize Drawing The upcoming Superstars Writing Seminar in Las Vegas that I’ll be an instructor for at the end of April/beginning of May is having a drawing. For details, I’ll just quote their press release below. The first time I taught at this seminar, I was blown away by how awesome an…

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2012 Conventions

2012 Conventions 2012 Conventions: Taiwan, Orem, Australia Australia Australia, Las Vegas, BayCon, SDCC, Chattanooga, Gen Con Indy, Albuquerque, Dragon*Con Peter here filling in for Brandon since he’s on a flight to Taiwan for the book expo. Below you’ll find most of Brandon’s convention schedule for 2012. There might be a couple more one-day stop-ins with…

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Alcatraz Annotations + Updates

Alcatraz Annotations + Updates In this week’s Writing Excuses podcast episode, Dan, Mary, Howard, and I talk about brevity. Since all the chapters of my abandoned novel MYTHWALKER have now been uploaded, it’s time to start dishing out something else for your weekly bonus content. So my assistant has put up the first annotation for ALCATRAZ VERSUS THE EVIL LIBRARIANS.…

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