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The Great Hunt Completed!

The Great Hunt Completed! Peter here again. Today at around 9:00 p.m. in Venice, Italy, intrepid Wheel of Time fan Federico located the final The Great Hunt code’s hiding place . . . and confirmed that the code was no longer there. Maybe someone saw Brandon’s friend Ryan place it on top of this photo…

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The Great Hunt Update

The Great Hunt Update Hi all, Brandon’s assistant Peter here. He’s off on his tour (Thursday’s stop is in the Chicago area), so he doesn’t have a lot of time to update the blog. He did write one blog post ahead of time, which I’ll post tomorrow probably. And you can keep track of his…

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THE WAY OF KINGS Is Out It’s out. It’s finally out. I hadn’t expected this day to come for years yet. I had a careful path set up to doing the Stormlight Archive. Writing standalone novels and trilogies for a few more years yet, until I had the reputation both with fans and the publisher…

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Play Magic with Brandon at Dragon*Con Updates

Play Magic with Brandon at Dragon*Con Updates Guys, THE WAY OF KINGS comes out tomorrow! Wow. So long spent waiting. Look on tomorrow for a cool post about my history working on the book, with pictures of a very early Brandon Sanderson manuscript. Before we do that, though, I want to do some updates…

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Play Magic with Brandon at Dragon*Con

Play Magic with Brandon at Dragon*Con I’ll be hitting Dragon*Con this year near the beginning of my tour, and I’m looking forward to finding some time to hang with readers and relax and play some Magic: The Gathering. As always, I play casual—meaning that I do it more for the fun and interaction than the…

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TOWERS OF MIDNIGHT Is Done First let me get to some quick updates. I’ve put up a few WARBREAKER annotations: two on chapter five and one on chapter six. Two new podcast episodes of Writing Excuses have also gone up, recorded live at Dragons & Fairy Tales bookstore. In the first one Dan, Howard, and…

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Last Chance for THE WAY OF KINGS Numbered Copies

Last Chance for THE WAY OF KINGS Numbered Copies [UPDATE: Sam Weller’s is reportedly sold out already. If we make other arrangements, I’ll mention it on Twitter and Facebook. Original post follows.] THE WAY OF KINGS comes out in less than 11 days, about 246 hours from now. At the release day events—the midnight BYU…

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