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Skyward 3 Copyedit Review 100%
Wax & Wayne Book 4 (Mistborn 7) 15%
Sunreach (Skyward Novella 1) Final Draft 100%
ReDawn (Skyward Novella 2) Draft 1.0 10%

Calamity Preorder

Calamity Preorder Hey, all! Shockingly, there’s another book launch around the corner! Calamity releases one week from today. I feel like I just did this…because I did. The Bands of Mourning, as you know, was a somewhat accidental book—and Tor slotting it in January meant that my normal release schedule of fall book/spring book has been somewhat upended.…

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Calamity Tour + Updates

Calamity Tour + Updates The Calamity release is just two weeks away! Check my events calendar for full details on the Calamity tour. I hope to see many of you at the signings. Here’s a quick summary of the tour: Tuesday, February 16: Orem Wednesday, February 17: Seattle Friday, February 19: Denver Saturday, February 20: Philadelphia Monday, February 22: Chicago Tuesday, February 23: Milwaukee Wednesday, February 24: Houston…

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Mistborn Releases + Award Nomination Season

Mistborn Releases + Award Nomination Season On Monday night we had a very successful release party for the newest Mistborn novel, The Bands of Mourning. It’s now available worldwide in print, audio, and ebook, and you can find links to where to get it in the tabs at the upper right of the post. If you…

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The Bands of Mourning Launch Party + Updates

The Bands of Mourning Launch Party + Updates Tonight is the night! The official launch party for The Bands of Mourning starts tonight at 10:00 pm at the BYU Bookstore. Don’t forget to swing by and get your number before 8:00 so you don’t lose your place in line (bring an ID and your proof of purchase).…

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The Bands of Mourning BYU Midnight Release Party

The Bands of Mourning BYU Midnight Release Party At 12:00 a.m. on January 26th, I will be doing the world’s first and only signing for The Bands of Mourning. In past years some readers have enjoyed camping out at the bookstore to get a low-numbered copy. But at the Shadows of Self release for various reasons, we tried something…

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The Bands of Mourning Numbered Edition

The Bands of Mourning Numbered Edition It’s quickly approaching book release time again! The Bands of Mourning, the new Mistborn book, comes out in roughly two weeks on January 26th. (January 28th in the UK/Ireland/Australia/New Zealand.) Sample chapters can be read on Tor’s site. Be aware, they contain spoilers for the previous books! Because of the extensive tour I did…

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Writing Excuses News + Updates

Writing Excuses News + Updates It’s 2016 and time for Writing Excuses to embark on a new season. This year we are going to explore what we write and why we write, but our guidepost will be the concept of Elemental Genres. In January we’ll stay high-level and firm up the framework. Starting in February…

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National Novel Writing Month Recap

National Novel Writing Month Recap Hey, all! I’ve got some interesting tidbits about Stormlight Three to share, relating to what I’ve been writing this month. Before we get to that, though, I do want to draw your attention to the items we have in the store. In addition to the Elantris leatherbound, as usual we’ve got most of…

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The Rithmatist ebook sale + Updates

The Rithmatist ebook sale + Updates Awesome news everyone! The Rithmatist ebook is on sale (at least in the U.S.) TODAY ONLY at $2.99 on most platforms (Nook users get a slightly better deal at $1.99). It’s being discounted in a few other regions as well (check your local region for pricing using the links to the right). For…

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