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Cytonic 1st Proofread 100%
Wax & Wayne Book 4 (Mistborn 7) 72%
ReDawn (Skyward Novella 2) Draft 3.0 100%
Evershore (Skyward Novella 3) Draft 1.0 50%

Shadows of Self Release Events

Shadows of Self Release Events This is going to be a long post. If you want to know how to get numbered copies of Shadows of Self, scroll down to the general release events info, the info on the BYU signing, on the Denver signing, or on the Weller Book Works signing-by-mail. Item #1: The Tour Here are the places…

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Writing Excuses episode on plot twists + Updates

Writing Excuses episode on plot twists + Updates In this week’s new Writing Excuses episode, How Does Context Shape Plot Twists?, we talk about plot twists. This episode covers the way in which the type of plot twist is dependent on, or signaled by, the context of the story. Getting plot twists right may mean surprising…

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A Thousand Faces

A Thousand Faces Hey, all. I’ve just finished revisions on Calamity, and have turned the book in to my publisher. Which means the Reckoners as a series is a wrap! I’m very pleased with the result and with the beta reader reactions, and am very much looking forward to you all getting to read the book.…

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Writing Excuses Q&A on Pacing + Updates

Writing Excuses Q&A on Pacing + Updates The previous Writing Excuses episode on pacing covered the sense of progress. In this week’s episode, Q & A on Pacing, we wrap up this month’s discussion of pacing. Here are the questions we received from Twitter for answering during the episode: What are some early indications of a…

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Time Change in Denver

Time Change in Denver Hey, all! I need to make you aware of a time change to one of my events on the upcoming Shadows of Self tour. Soon after announcing the schedule, I had a reader mention to me that they were sad to have to choose between me and Jim Butcher, who was apparently going to be signing…

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99¢ ebook, Spokane Worldcon Schedule + Updates

99¢ ebook, Spokane Worldcon Schedule + Updates My Cosmere novella Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell is on sale at 99¢ in the US on Kindle and a few other ebook vendors, for the rest of August. (And several people have been asking about audiobooks for this and for Perfect State. Those aren’t available yet, but they are in the…

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Shadows of Self tour announcement + Updates

Shadows of Self tour announcement + Updates For the Shadows of Self release on October 6th, I’ll be touring several cities in the US. You can see my tour stops on, and full details (such as bookstore ticketing policies) will be posted on my events page as they come in. (And you can also see on that page my…

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New Writing Excuses episode + Updates

New Writing Excuses episode + Updates This month the Writing Excuses Master Class divides the concept of pacing into two parts: the sense of progress within the story, and the sense of the passage of time. In this week’s episode, How Do I Control the Reader’s Sense of Progress?, we tackle that first part, and discuss…

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Steelheart News + Updates

Steelheart News + Updates Steelheart has been nominated for another regional award, the 2016 Pacific Northwest Library Association Young Readers’ Choice Award, the oldest children’s choice award in the U.S. and Canada. It was established in 1940 by Seattle bookseller Harry Hartman, who believed every student should have an opportunity to select a book that gives him…

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