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Songs of the Dead Revision 100%
Rhythm of War (Stormlight 4) final proofread 100%
Dawnshard Novella Final Draft 100%
Skyward 3 50%

Games Creatures Play is out this week!

Games Creatures Play is out this week! I have a new short story out this week in the horror anthology Games Creatures Play, edited by Charlaine Harris and Toni L.P. Kelner. When Charlaine invited me to be part of this anthology and explained what it was going to be about, I knew I had to write…

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Deleted Interlude from Words of Radiance

Deleted Interlude from Words of Radiance For your reading pleasure, here is an interlude that I decided to cut from Words of Radiance. It offers new insight into a minor character who is very important to the book, and I believe that readers will want to experience it. It is called Interlude: Stick.

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Hugo Nominations Deadline Tonight

Hugo Nominations Deadline Tonight Back in January I put up a long post about award nominations, with a particular mention of Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time. Well, if you’re a member of the 2013, 2014, or 2015 World Science Fiction conventions, it’s time to submit your nomination form for the Hugo Awards. The deadline is tomorrow morning at 7:59 a.m. BST—since this…

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Storybundle Contest, Signed WoR, Writing Excuses

Storybundle Contest, Signed WoR, Writing Excuses Wednesday night is the last chance to name your price for StoryBundle‘s Epic Fantasy Bundle. They’ve given me fifteen download codes to give away. Five of them are being given away on Twitter and five on Facebook. I’ll also give away five here on the blog. My assistant says I have to put…

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Brandon Sanderson Newsletter for March 2014

Brandon Sanderson Newsletter for March 2014 This is Brandon, and welcome to my newsletter. Words of Radiance Is Out! My Essay on Epic Fantasy Stormlight Merchandise Words of Radiance Book Tour and Worldwide Conventions The Shardhunt Words of Radiance Is Out! At long last, Words of Radiance (book two in the Stormlight Archive) is out…

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Tour Goodies from Readers

Tour Goodies from Readers Hello, Sanderson fans! This is Emily, Brandon’s wife and business manager. Brandon is on tour for Words of Radiance (tonight and tomorrow he’s in Arizona), so I’m posting on his behalf today. The purpose of this post is to say thank you. People are so kind to Brandon at signings, and I’m grateful for that.…

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