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Skyward 3 Copyedit Review 100%
Wax & Wayne Book 4 (Mistborn 7) 15%
Sunreach (Skyward Novella 1) Final Draft 100%
ReDawn (Skyward Novella 2) Draft 1.0 10%

Elantris Leatherbound Update

Elantris Leatherbound Update We’ve had quite the time getting the Elantris leatherbound in stock! It was supposed to be here a week and a half ago—but the shipping company lost the crates. (Yes, lost them.) As of this morning, they’ve been found, and we’ve been promised that they’re going to arrive tomorrow. We’ll be doing a real “official launch” blog post…

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The Alloy of Law ebook at $2.99!

The Alloy of Law ebook at $2.99! Tor announced this week that the ebook for The Alloy of Law, the first book in the second Mistborn sequence, is on sale at $2.99 for the rest of the year. (At least in the US; other countries may see slightly different prices. I’ve heard people say it’s $4.99…

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Goodreads Choice Awards Voting Ends Tonight + Updates

Goodreads Choice Awards Voting Ends Tonight + Updates First off, thanks to everyone who has taken the time to vote for the Goodreads Choice Awards already. The final round ends tonight. Firefight is nominated in the Young Adult Fantasy & Science Fiction category, and Shadows of Self is nominated in the Fantasy category. Best of luck to all the nominees! In this week’s…

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Goodreads Choice Awards First Round + Updates

Goodreads Choice Awards First Round + Updates In this year’s Goodreads Choice Awards, Shadows of Self is nominated in the Fantasy category and Firefight is in the YA Fantasy & SF category. The first round of voting wraps up this weekend. Congratulations to all of the nominees! And for those of you who didn’t see the post on my Twitter and Facebook…

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The Wheel of Time Companion and Mystic

The Wheel of Time Companion and Mystic Hey, all. I’m back from tour at long last, and am hard at work on Stormlight 3. In fact, because it’s national novel writing month, you might see me posting daily wordcounts on social media. Back in 2002, I finished the original draft of The Way of Kings over NaNoWriMo. (Finished…

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Shadows of Self tour ends + Updates

Shadows of Self tour ends + Updates My tour for Shadows of Self wrapped up yesterday, and it was awesome to see so many of you! I will be posting some of the highlights from my tour over the next few weeks. If you were unable to come to one of my tour stops, it’s okay—the greatest…

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UK tour continues + Updates

UK tour continues + Updates My tour for the release of Shadows of Self continues this week in the UK. As always, if you would like me to send you an email when I’ll be appearing near you, tell me your metro area here. Tuesday, Oct 20: Sheffield & Newcastle Wednesday, Oct 21: Edinburgh Thursday, Oct 22: Leeds & Nottingham…

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Shadows of Self and the Mistborn Mega-Series

Shadows of Self and the Mistborn Mega-Series Shadows of Self is out today in hardcover in the UK, and I’m touring the UK this week and next. I talked in a previous post about the book release, and will point you toward that one if you’ve not read much of the Mistborn series. (Or if you’re not interested in…

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I’m on TV!

I’m on TV! [Note, I’m still on tour for Shadows of Self. If you’ve somehow missed the fact that I have a new book out, then read these blog posts, and come see me on tour! Events are listed here.] Last year, we got a very intriguing offer. A production company in Minneapolis was filming a series on mythology…

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Shadows of Self is out!

Shadows of Self is out! The newest Mistborn book, Shadows of Self, is out. (In hardcover, ebook, and audio in the US and Canada; in the UK the ebook and audiobook come out on Thursday the 8th, but the hardcover there comes out on the 15th to coincide with my UK visit starting the next day.) My job…

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