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Cytonic Final Proofread 100%
Wax & Wayne Book 4 (Mistborn 7) Draft 2.0 100%
Skyward Four Pre Writing 33%
Evershore (Skyward Novella 3) Final Draft 100%

Ice Bucket Challenge

Ice Bucket Challenge So, both Donald Mustard and Jason Denzel called me out on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. I figured since I was on tour for that whole strange scavenger hunt thing and couldn’t participate, I should do something for this one. Besides, it turns out we could kill two birds with one stone. We here at Dragonsteel Entertainment…

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The Wheel of Time Did Not Win a Hugo. (And that’s okay.)

The Wheel of Time Did Not Win a Hugo. (And that’s okay.) For those who haven’t yet seen the results of the 2014 Hugo Awards, they have been posted here. The Wheel of Time, despite displaying a fine showing for first place votes, ultimately did not prevail in winning a Hugo Award. (Though Mary’s excellent novelette,…

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Tweets and Writing Excuses episodes

Tweets and Writing Excuses episodes My assistant Peter has uploaded the July Twitter posts archive, as well as the beginning of the August archive. Writing Excuses has two new episodes up. First is one on Adjusting Character Proactivity. Next we have a microcasting episode that touches on the following topics: Are there biases against non-English writers submitting manuscripts in English?…

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My Calgary schedule starting today—Three events open to the public

My Calgary schedule starting today—Three events open to the public I’m in Calgary, Alberta, Canada today through Sunday. The When Words Collide convention is sold out, but there are three events that are free and open to the public. See full details below. Thursday, August 7, 7:00–9:00 p.m. Fish Creek Library Signing (open to the public) Address: 11161…

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My UK schedule today through Wednesday

My UK schedule today through Wednesday I arrived in the UK late Saturday night, and I have five events in three days. Hope to see many of you there! This is my only trip to the UK this year. Please note: The evening signings on Monday and Tuesday will have more time for running over if…

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My Celsius 232 schedule in Spain

My Celsius 232 schedule in Spain Next week I will be in the UK, but right now I’m in Avilés, Spain for the Celsius 232 convention (which has free admission, so come on out). Here’s my complete schedule! Aquí está mi agenda completa. Address: Plaza Domingo Alvarez Acebal, 2 33402 Avilés, Spain THURSDAY/JUEVES, July 31 Time: 10:00–12:00 Place:…

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San Diego Comic-Con Freebies

San Diego Comic-Con Freebies Comic-Con International has started in San Diego this weekend, but I’m not there this year. Instead, I’m flying out tomorrow morning to Spain for Celsius 232, and then flying to the UK. But that doesn’t mean Comic-Con is bereft of things Sanderson. There are two great freebies that you can pick up. The Firefight chapter…

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Legion: Skin Deep cover revealed!

Legion: Skin Deep cover revealed! I’m pleased to present to you Jon Foster’s cover illustration for the second Legion novella, Legion: Skin Deep, coming later this year from Subterranean Press. I think Mr. Foster did a fantastic job with this illustration, and I like it even better than his cover for Subterranean Press’s edition of the original Legion.…

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